Body of the goddess Siri

Body of Siri
Where the Tuluva countryside constitutes the body of the local Tulu goddess, Siri. The countryside extends along the south west coastal belt of India, including the Western Ghats, and consists of crops like paddy, coconut, areca nut trees, and isolated groves of bamboo. The imagery that I wanted to communicate was that of a central goddess rising from the fields, since the way goddess enter society in India is cyclical. They rise, and then go back to where they came from: typically the sea or the earth. Also, in India, there exists a relationship between land and bodies. In Hindu mythology, the world was created by portioning the body of Purusha, the cosmic man, and I began to think how this logic could be applied to local gods, whose worship has boundaries. Perhaps for local gods, their bodies would be the extent of the area that they are active in; where they are believed in. For Siri, this area is the countryside of Tulu Nadu.

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