Ascent of the goddess Siri

Ascent of the goddess Siri
Siri being a land deity- or having this affinity to land, specifically, grain, made me look at where she is located within the larger Goddess pantheon. She isn’t, or rather, there isn’t a lot of information about it, especially since she is very firmly rooted to this area. I began to look at Siri being this very local form of Parvati. But since the worship of Siri predates the worship of Shiv and Vishnu- with Bermer, her patron god, being an ancient nature form of Brahma, the major pantheon was possibly formed by using commonalities in the various local pantheons, and coming up with a general form for all of them- more like a concept, by disassociating it from the context- which in this case, is the Tuluva region.  Tigers, for example, are a pan Indian symbol of divinity, however, there are multiple of tigers and gods abounding in Tulu Nadu. Additionally, the place where she disappears (and gives birth, in the narrative) to become a mayi is today, a lotus pond . The lotus is another very general symbol of the goddess pantheon: all the Goddesses are depicted as holding it in one of their many hands. The lotus also establishes a pan-Indian sense, as opposed to a flower which would be more locally rooted: like the areca nut, which is a local symbol of divinity.  I postulate that Siri had two births: one, out of the areca nut, and the second, when she was reborn as a member of the pan Indian Goddess pantheon. 

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