Descent of the goddess Siri

Descent complete hd cleaned
Since Siri is a goddess of the land, and the series was about establishing a connection with the landscape that is otherwise not explicitly stated, I could not ignore the mythology of the land itself. According to the legends, Tulu Nadu was created when Parashurama flung his axe into the ocean and asked the waters to recede. While underwater, Tulu Nadu was a kingdom of snakes. I postulate that instead of the waters receding, and the land being reclaimed, the water sunk into the levels of the soil, rendering it one of the most fertile belts of the world. This would also explain why the Western Ghats are a hotspot for snakes today, since they never really flowed away with the water. And since Siri was born from the earth, with her patron god as the Naga form of Bermer, it is possible that she counts the snake in her line of descent.  The inspiration for the structure of this piece was a cross section of the soil.

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